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Friday, April 11, 2014

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted November 26, 2012

Once Upon a Honeymoon...

 ...turns Seventy today!
...this is a pretty...'uneven' movie, as it straddles the line between comedy and drama...but after a few views, you kinda 'overlook' the big picture, and focus on how awesome Ginger and Cary were together...and how these two should have, if not gotten hitched (in real life, of course), should have LEAST made a few more movies together... they did do 'Monkey Business' together, and honestly, THAT one is my fave of their two collaborations...  but, taking into account the time 'OUAH' was released, in the thick of WWII, it turns out pretty well overall.
...worth the time to watch, if just to see Ginger, who shimmers beautifully throughout this one... the screen caps on this one will be SICK, y'all... and yes, that's a 'good' sick..... a VERY good 'sick'... stay tuned for the HueyReview of this one, which, at the current pace, will occur in, oh, Summer of 2016... let's hope the Mayans were off for a decade or so, anyway...
Well, hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving, and survived the shopping frenzy...honestly, y'all...I'd rather pay full price than wade through some of the insanity bubbling up at your local shopping complex... hope y'all persevered, whatever your endeavor was...

Roberta's still on deck... at the end of the week...Let's Begin...

Until then - KIG, y'all!!!



  1. I agree that OUAH is uneven and doesn't exactly know what it is trying to say but the chemistry between Ginger and Cary is great! I can watch the balcony scene with the love poem over and over again :) They both did a marvelous job with a difficult script. I just read an article that talks about Ginger's hair changing color from one scene to the next in that movie, which I never noticed, so now I'll have to watch it again to see if that is true. Lucky me!

    Can't wait for Roberta. I'm getting the DT's already! haha.
    1.'s definitely awesome to see them work together... As for Ginger's hair...there was actually a discussion on that some time back on a G-ology post... it is pretty noticeable, and now when I watch it, it's REAL noticeable... but it works, no matter...and, to be fair, the movie 'timeframe' does 'advance' a couple of times throughout the picture, so maybe Ms. Butte just changes her hair style in the passage of time...

      OK - DONE with the presentation deal at work... so hopefully by the weekend, I'll be in good shape to crank it out... I'm ready also!!!

      KIG, 'e'!

  2. Yay! This is one of my favorite movies. I also love Monkey Business, I know it's one of my dad's favorite of Ginger's. Although his number one favorite movie of her is It Had To Be You.

    Gosh...pretty nervous. My friend who is taking a film class, needs me to be in their film. I have to make cookies and explain. Pretty shaky cause I don't know if she'll have some script, and I'm not good at improv. I used to take theatre so it is sorta ok, but then again so nervous...

    Well anyway, have a great evening!
    1. It had to be you...ah, that one has grown on me quite a has had it's 'detractors' over the course of G-ology, and honestly, the first few times I viewed it, I just couldn't 'get' it... but once you skip trying to analyze the plausibility of the plot, then you're left with a pretty awesome Ginger, albeit not overtly 'sassy', and maybe a bit more 'ditzy' than average, but...that's what the role calls for...
      One of my fave lines is when she first dances with Johnny, and he says 'you're a good dancer'...and she sighs, 'it's my niche...' ...classic!

      well, dang...we are kinda in the same boat, as I just did a presentation for a engineering society this afternoon...did OK, but it's a bit unnerving. Good luck with your role... I'm sure you will do great!

      KIG, GF!!!

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